Concierge and Support Solutions

Concierge & Support Solutions for Clients

The service under this banner is a culmination of the corporate concierge services and allied services that are essential for the organization to perform without any deviation form the core objective of the business.

Our services range is derived in such a way that it helps the organizations achieve higher standards of efficiency by diverting the workload of the core segment.

Solid Support

The services offered acts as a support mechanism to the organizations. Our services help organizations provide better care to differentiate from the competition by enhancing employee morale


We can arrange all Travel and Hospitality for our clients. We coordinate for business retreats, incorporating team building & health & wellness. Let us know what your requirement is & we can customize a program to suit your needs

Fast & Fluent

Time is valuable and the services are time-bound. We ensure that we provide you the time you need to emphasize you're important business hours to focus on your company and its bottom-line by providing valuable concierge and allied services for your staff.

By utilizing the concierge and support services, you:

  • Reduced stress levels knowing personal tasks are being handled professionally and efficiently
  • Fewer distractions from work-related tasks
  • Increased focus on their work during working hours
  • More quality time to spend on their home and family life

Our expertise allows us to provide extremely efficient and reliable travel solutions to our valued customers.

Our travel services include end-to-end solutions ranging from ticketing to hotel reservations, commutation arrangements, and much more. 

Handling of travel expenses in organizations is done with cost-effectiveness and transparency

We provide assistance with the following services.

  • Corporate Travel
  • Event Travel
  • Leisure Travel
  • Local Travel
  • Passports & Visa
  • Personal Travel
  • Hotel Booking
  • Bus, Train, Flight Booking
  • & More

The front office is often the first place your guests experience your hospitality. Therefore, it is essential in creating a great first impression and is often referred to as the ‘heart of the office‘.

We work towards the goal of providing exceptional customer service and delight. We manage inquiries, directing guests and queries to the right personnel/department. and maintaining constructive guest relations.

  • Guest Management
  • Back Office Support
  • Customer Support
  • Appointments Management
  • Employee Aid
  • & More

We help our clients organize events for various occasions based on their needs. We support our clients with bulk orders of gifts for occasions and festivals and we deliver it to the client’s employees as well.

  • Team Outing Day’s Arrangements
  • New Year’s Day Events
  • Annual Days
  • Gifting & Promotions
  • Product Launch Events
  • Sports Day’s Assistance
  • Employee Welfare Program
  • DJ on any corporate events
  • Certificates & Trophies Arrangement
  • Manifest Management
  • & More

We have an Admin assigned to the client to take any kind of service. We provide a vast number of services that cater to all the client’s needs. We give a personal touch to give the best quality of service.

  • Franking & Stamping
  • Legal Services
  • Petty Cash Management
  • Gifting & Promotions
  • Employee Service Awards
  • Bulk Movie bookings
  • IT Returns Filing

We help form the central hub of communications between you, your customers and suppliers. All correspondences are critical and confidential. 

Hence,  our trained staff will help you optimize the efficiency of your mailroom and keep communications running smoothly.

  • Managing incoming & Outgoing mails
  • Scheduling packages pickup time
  • Courier Services
  • & More
  • Doctor services (physical & virtual)
  • Paramedic services for elderly care (Physical)
  • Emergency Ambulance (on demand)
  • Medicine and equipment supply
  • Emergency medical services
  • Elderly nanny services
  • Childcare

Our Service Touchpoints

Mobile Application for Retailer Requirements & Orders

Company Website and App for Individual Requirements

Call Center for Corporates & Shopping Malls

Dedicated Helpdesk for Corporates & Employees

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